I Had No Money and I Liked It – Lilou Mace
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I Had No Money and I Liked It – Lilou Mace

Lilou Macé made her debut as a published author in 2009 with I Lost My Job and I Liked It (A 30-Day Law-of-Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker). Bringing a book into existence about manifesting the life of her dreams little more than a month after finding herself thrust into an unemployment free fall, sent a clear and powerful message to the Universe: Lilou Macé was a woman on a mission! At the close of her first book, Lilou shared her feelings of being “…on top of the mountain.” In the continuation of her story, I Had No Money and I Liked It (The Abundant Journey of an Open Heart), she soon discovers that she had merely reached a plateau.

A steeper and far more rigorous climb beckoned. It would take further courage, determination and resilience to continue her ascent to the “mountain top”. It would also take her willingness to open her heart and, in making herself emotionally vulnerable, allow loving abundance in.

The Universe meets Lilou with a startling number of humbling detours and hopeful synchronicities on her path to self realization. Yet it is ultimately her own unshakeable faith in the rightness of her life purpose and the inspired actions she takes to fully realize her dreams, which enables her to embrace the promise of light, even in her darkest moments.

I Had No Money and I Liked It (The Abundant Journey of an Open Heart) doesn’t sugar-coat the unpredictable obstacles that one confronts when taking a leap of faith, nor does it pretend to be the perfect roadmap forward for everyone. But what it does do is celebrate the ecstatic, life affirming joy that comes from following the calling of your deepest heart, learning how to stay in the flow of unlimited possibilities and opening yourself up to the miracles that await you if you trust the Universe, ultimately trust Yourself.